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The Vision of the AUSSIE FRIENDS OF THE POOR endeavours to contribute to the upliftment of the plight of some disadvantaged friends in Cebu, Phillipines.

  • Building 360 houses for families with low income earners, who were affected by Typoon Yolena Followed by earthquake in 2013. The location is dumlog-Talisay.

  • Managing a Day Care Centre at White Road Wayawan for children whose families are not financially stable. These families’ livelihood is digging food from garbage.

  • Offering Scholarships to deserving student, the overall cost per child – per year $1000 AUS.

  • Assisting deaf mute in rehabilitation programme so as to be part of society.

  • Providing support to Pedro Calunsod learning Centre in Carmen.

  • Ongoing support to Theothokos Shrine Perrallos Carcar for the spiritual growth of the people.

  • Outreach support to Mangupe-Carcar: A community in remote area building a centre and school.

  • Helping St Therese shrine in Lahug, refurbish the stain glass window and painting the exterior of the church.

  • Assisting Cebu Archdiocesan Prison Apostolate with transportation weekly.

  • Construction of a chapel for the Living Gospel Community

  • For emergency Parish needs, due to Typhoon, to the roman catholic Bishop of Calbayog City.

  • Helping to restore damages to the cathedral.

  • Financial help to Betania Retreat House for maintenance.

  • A much need centre and school at Marys Help of Christens Parish in Buhisan.

  • Helping to build a formation house with the Franciscan Friars of the Divine Mercy.

  • Allocating school supplies and clothing to needy students at Banilad Elementary School.

  • Medical assistance to pupils at” The Asila Dela Milagrosa Orphange”.

  • Providing the essentials “Balay Samariano Street Children”

  • To the Missionaries of Charity , Mother Teresa’s religious sisters, feeding the undernourished and abandoned children.

  • Affording The Poor Clares the possibly for a humane living conditions

  • Facilitate an infirmary , clinic with the monastery in order to minimise hospitalising.

  • Philippine Madonna house in Misamis Oriental offering possibility to those interest to have peaceful quality and quite time with the Lord, if needed counselling is available.

  • Building infrastructure which provides 25 units in Jensen Village , Campostella for Housing Project.

  • Occasionally, if funds are available food is provided for ongoing formation to the community of the daughters of St Terese for the new recruits.

  • Supporting Bursary for students in formation to the priesthood.

  • Helped Fr Lucas Inoc Build a school in Tuburan.

  • Ongoing assistance to disadvantage families for funerals.

  • Paying documentations in order to obtain legal documents.

  • Funding students at St Marys academy in Gingoog City Easter Mindanoao c/ Sr Ma Ourdes Velso Rum

  • Miscellaneous to assist students at the academy in Pasic Cebu City.

  • San Carlos Folklore Dancing Group in order to enhance their skills in performing, dancing and singing.

  • Medical is ongoing to some very sympathetic cases.

  • Helping mothers to give birth to their childing in healthy and clean environment.

  • Organizing literacy programmes for the underprivileged.

  • Substantial sum of money is allocated to the youth to improve their capabilities and potentials.

The above is just brushing the surface,  the needs are enormous. The contribution are just a little drop of water in the middle of the ocean in humility and in an inconspicuous way the Australian friends of the poor are trying to alleviate poverty by giving knowledge , skills and power so our friends can dream of a better future.

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