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Account Name: Aussie Friends Of The Poor

     Bsb: 062 701  Account No: 1003 6370



Account Name: Aussie Friends Of The Poor

     Bsb: 062 701  Account No: 1003 6370


Commonwealth Of Australia Sydney Australia

The whole world was aghast as they watched, in horror, the Beirut Explosion send shockwaves that will reverberate in our minds and hearts forever.

4th August, 2020 will be remembered as the day that brought a nation to it’s knees. A country, already on the brink of economic and humanitarian catastrophe, is left, once again, to pick up the pieces of a man-made disaster, at the expense of the Lebanese people.

150+ innocent lives lost.

4,000+ injured, most unable to obtain hospitalisation.

300,000 left homeless.


The Plight of the Lebanese people

This atrocity comes on the back of a nationwide protest against a corrupt and grossly incompetent government lacking any accountability, vision or justice. A government that has, over the past 12 months, ignorantly presided over the following circumstances:

  • Food prices have tripled;

  • The Lebanese Lira has devalued by 80%;

  • Unemployment is over 40%;

  • Over 45% of the population is living under the Poverty Line;

  • Murder and Suicide rates have doubled;

  • Lebanon is the 3rd most Indebted country in the world;

  • Basic services like Electricity and Waste disposal are scarce;

  • The COVID-19 pandemic is almost out of control;

  • The Hospital system is bursting at the seams and can no longer cope with demand.



Our Mission

We have teamed up with registered charity organisations in Lebanon, including Monks of Beit Maroun , Bonhuer du Ciel and Father Sayed kozhaya from Melkite Catholic Eparchy,Tripoli and established a mission titled Aussie Friends of Lebanon. We will provide immediate aid in the form of food and medicine.

$45 provides an average family with a package containing 5 weeks of supplies.


Each Package weighs 35kg and includes:


Rice,Sugar,Hommous,Shaarye, Lentils,Pasta,Oil,Salt,Foul, Flour,Fasoulia,Mozzarella,Cheese,Flour,Sardine Cans, Tuna cans,Borghol white, medicine (as required)                                             

Each package will be distributed to various districts / regions in Lebanon where designated Parish leaders will allocate the packages to the poor and needy in their area.

We will provide regular footage of the whole packing and distribution process.

Our Target is to feed and aid as many people as possible.

Please be aware - there are unscrupulous organisations and social media posts purporting to be charities. We are an established charity with a history of helping the poor in Australia,Philippines and East Timor.

We have implemented processes to ensure that every dollar raised will go to the mouths of the poor.

“Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” – Khalil Gebran

For further information regarding this mission please contact either one of the following;

Steven Turk -+61 451 951 881

Jack Mitri - +61 424 588 830

Charbel Hachem - +61 414 833 436

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