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Aussie Friends of the Poor was established in September, 2015 to perform

missionary works with the aim of helping the poorest of the poor throughout the world. We are a non-discriminatory organisation. We don’t distinguish between race, colour, religion, sex or political affiliation.



The objective of the Association is to provide charitable and benevolent assistance to the poor and needy, both in Australia and overseas, through acts of mercy and in accordance with the Christian virtues of love, compassion, charity and prayer.

To create awareness of the plight of the poor,the sick and the suffering and inspire the general public to support those in dire need regardless of race , colour, sex, religion or political affiliation. We believe every human being is equal in the eyes of God.

To provide spiritual, emotional and financial assistance to the poverished, abandoned, persecuted and afflicted across the world.

AUSSIE FRIENDS OF THE POOR as the name would suggest , are true Australian volunteers , bound by a common vision to aid the helpless and victims of wretched economic, humanitartian and natural disasters.

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